Discover Our Awning Repair Capabilities

Need awning repair? First of all, we are sorry for the predicament you are in. We strive to rectify all problems resulting from mishaps and aging, to our customers’ full satisfaction. Your awning repair job will be carried out with utmost attention to detail. Let The Awning Factory put your mind at ease. We’ll fix the situation. Who else would you call for awning repair other than the actual factory?

Canopy and Awning Repair
Repair Coverings
  • Cover material replacements
  • Awning fading
  • Canopy tears
  • Sign re-lettering
  • Rejuvenate and beautify
  • Restore functionality
residential awnings
Repair Awning Framework
  • Structural repairs
  • Re-connecting severed parts
  • Replacing rusted hardware
  • Strengthening existing frames
  • Restoring safety, appearance, and functionality
Rpair detached canopy from storm
Repair Canopy Attachment
  • Fasten framework to walls or posts
  • Replace fallen structures
  • Storm emergencies
  • Safety issues resolved
  • Beauty and functionality restored

Awning Repair services

We’re the factory. Our fabrication and our installation crews can fix almost any awning damage.

If parts are broken or damaged, we make them new. If coverings are faded, damaged, or need lettering, we rejuvenate, overhaul or beautify them. We’re like a hospital or triage unit for awnings. We really care about their health, appearance, and function.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our experience in delivering beautiful and functional awning and canopy solutions to some of the world’s biggest corporations and most beautiful homes.

Prompt Installation

You benefit from not having to worry about scheduling, or whether we'll meet the deadline for your awning installation. We're up to the challenge.

Great Support

You’ll find the team at The Awning Factory provides outstanding support. We're ready to apply our passion for awning solutions to support your business.